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Political and image maps of countries around the world, as well as some city maps
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below for annotated links to web sites, Britannica articles, magazines, and books related to the topic of your choice
Street maps of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe, enter starting and ending points to receive precise driving directions to U.S. addresses & cities, with detailed turn-by-turn maps, driving time, and distance
Countries of the world: history & culture, explorations, calendar of events, travel tips, etc.
An all-encompassing geography resource, shows topographical view of Earth, world climate, searchable database, & a collection of 100 best geography sites on the internet
Annotated links to geography sites
Annotated links, including grade level, by a homeschool family
Many links to world & U.S. geography, maps & globes, ecosystems, human cultures, time, weather/climate, plate tectonics, earth's surface, population, media, & games
Type in name of a city, state, or country and learn its latitude & longitude, plus a brief history of the state’s or country’s beginnings
Clip art for countries, continents, flags, globes, USA, and world
Over 100 choices of brilliant, colorful maps, including earth, ocean, ozone, & related links
Database of world cities that gives the latitude and longitude of two places and the distance between them - also maps
Click on a country and discover the latitude and longitude of some of its cities
Maps for countries and cities, media section includes national anthems and flags
Create a detailed street map which you can print, e-mail, or add to your home page - US, Canadian, and world maps
Hypertext glossary with graphics, crossword puzzle, and related links
Interactive atlas that finds anyplace in the world, trip quest for driving directions in the U.S., and free personalized maps
Enter the name of a place and the map machine creates an interactive map, on which you can zoom in and out, plus atlas maps, dynamic maps, flags & facts, interactive atlas of U.S. and Canada, map of the heavens, view Earth through satellite images, maps in the news, and online store
Links to maps: historical, tutorial, exhibits & collections, interactive, libraries, geographic references & gazetters, atlases, stores & resellers, commercial vendors, etc.
Maps of products, thematic, and base maps of Canada
Online magazine with articles, photos, archives, interactive programs, and links to related magazines
Multimedia maps of the US
Comprehensive list of links to maps of many countries of the world and to literature about cartography, with a special section on The Netherlands
Blank maps of U.S., world, and continents - political, historical, and physical, for classroom use, for reports, etc.
A great variety of maps covering every area of the world - topics, such as world gross domestic product per capita, Muslim distribution, plus many cartographic reference resources which include gazetteers, distance calculator, time zones, tides, zip codes, map projections, and guides
Links to geography, general reference, dictionaries, handbooks, & encyclopedia, directories, biographical information, maps, government publications, statistical resources, and indexes, abstracts, & bibliographies
World and US maps, information about foreign countries & cities, interactive maps, historical map exhibits & collections, online atlas, etc.
Maps, information, and links to facts about countries of the world, geographic glossary, educator's area, map links, and global topics: view from space, maps & mapping, cultural world, geological earth, natural world, climatic conditions, human impact, statistics, and global trivia challenge
Cartography, cultural, human, physical, urban, & economic geography, environment, virtual field trips, etc. from the University of Texas
Online geography games and tutorials, plus related links
Maps, facts, figures, flags, etc. for countries around the world - work in progress
Timelines with overviews of 3000 years of world history, organized into these categories: people, history, events, and maps - a great site to see what was happening in different parts of the world during the same time period
Links to map libraries & archives, cartography & map history, and map events